Terms and Conditions

We have been providing first quality garments to clients in the US, Canada, Europe and Japan for over 17 years. We check each outgoing order thoroughly and guarantee that you will receive exactly what you have paid for. We will include a copy of your order form in the documents that accompany your package for you to check the items against. We will not refund any returned goods as we guarantee quality at the time of packing and dispatch.

- Orders will be dispatched with reliable handlers to the address you provide within 48 hours of receipt of payment.

- We will scan and email you the corresponding proof (tracking number) that your order has been dispatched. 

- All orders under US $ 200.00 include shipping to your door.

- For large orders, over US $ 200.00 and wholesale orders, please call or email us directly to arrange terms. These orders must be accompanied by a 50% deposit.
The balance is to be paid on delivery including shipping .

- You may choose your items to be sent via the Post Office (EMS)

- Orders over US $ 200.00 may receive a 15% to 20% discount. - Please allow up to 30 days for delivery. 

- We include all customs and shipping documentation in your parcel.

- We are not responsible for any customs charges to be paid in your country.   

- If you are unavailable to receive your package, the handler will attempt to contact you once again within the next 5 days in order to arrange another delivery date. Failing this, the order will be returned to our shop. Should you request the item(s) again, you will have to pay for all further costs incurred.

-  Please open the package in the presence of the handler, if the product is damaged please ascertain if it is the handler's fault and return it to the handler. If it is our fault (insufficient packaging), please retain the package and contact us within 24 hours.



- Our preferred method of payment is by check.

- Please make checks payable to Calista H. Woodbridge. 

- Note on bottom left of check Spirit of the Andes.

- Mail checks to:

Calista H. Woodbridge
130 Gardener's Circle, Ste. 157
Johns Island, SC 29455 USA

Tel: + 011-843-809-8567   


- All orders under US$200.00 must be accompanied with payment in full.

- Orders over US$200.00, call or email to arrange terms.
Pay by: Check made out to Calista H. Woodbridge.

- Note on bottom left of check Spirit of the Andes.



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